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Mallard ducklings in the wetlands pond

Posted September 1st, 2015
Great Blue Heron surrounded by duckweed in the wetlands pond

Great Blue Heron in the  duckweed covered wetlands pond

The Mallard ducklings were released from the nursery to the wetlands pond this week.  The young group showed good survival smarts by following the swan family, (while keeping a safe distance from the protective parents).  Duckweed (single leaved plants with a small air sac that keeps them afloat) is abundant on this particular pond this time of year and its a great source of nutrition while the duck’s learn to fend for themselves.

So far, the youngsters are braving the big, new world and holding their own against predators.  The top platform of the viewing bridge is a good place to watch these homegrown wild ducks as they grow.

Other common sights around and in the wetlands pond include:  great blue herons, muskrats, turtles, frogs, many species of birds, (including the occasional bald eagle), deer, turkeys and plenty of other wildlife.  Bring binoculars for the critters and for the night sky.

We don’t yet know if the Barothy-grown mallards will fly south this winter or stick it out here at home with the other waterfowl.  We’ll keep you posted.  (The heron picture above shows the abundant duckweed.  Mallard pics to follow)